Basketball Talk Pro  is a basketball training site created by Ron Ekker, a former NBA coach.  Ekker’s coaching background is listed below, but he has had extensive coaching experience from college to the NBA and in International basketball.

This program will feature a series of short videos presented three to four times per week.  They will be approximately ten minutes in length.  The videos will cover innumerable basketball topics that will be offered by Ekker and special guests.  It’s free, just log in, give your name and email so we can alert you to the next presentation.

The topics covered will include a series of inside looks at basketball coaching, based on Ekker’s experience and that of other qualified         persons.  

Ron Ekker coachingSpecifically these will be directed at men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and international basketball. Some of the time will be on the whiteboard showing plays, drills, offenses, and defenses.  Because of the increased use of statistical data in college and professional basketball, there will be segments dealing with this area. 

We attached the name PRO to the title for a reason.  We intend to include discussions that look into the professionalism in today’s game and coaching in particular.  It is our feeling that any basketball person should attend to themselves as a professional.  We will talk about that.

The sessions will be on demand meaning that they can be listened to at any time.  We will archive each one so listeners can go back to any they missed or want to hear again. There will be a comments section so listeners can make their views public and can also ask questions.

Between us we can make this a viable program that can help each one of us grow in the game.


RON EKKER’s coaching background:

·Basketball Director Dongguan, China Basketball School and NBA Training site.

·Orlando Magic-Asst Coach

· Cleveland Cavaliers—Asst Coach

· Dallas Mavericks-Asst Coach

· Lacrosse Catbirds—CBA- Coach

· St. Louis University-Coach

· West Texas State University-Coach

· Hillsdale College-Coach

· University of Minnesota-Asst Coach

· Winona State University-Coach



Measuring Basketball Performance

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Measuring Basketball Performance

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From Coach:

My purpose in establishing Basketball Talk Pro is to provide an opportunity to pass on to other coaches (or prospective coaches) what I have learned after being in basketball almost 50 years.  

It is talk about coaching and playing based on my experience and the experience of other basketball people. Our mission is to help our coaching colleagues in entering and sustaining this wonderful but challenging profession.  

Coaching takes years of experience and study to reach a level of performance that can sustain a career.  We hope these sessions will help to do that.       

So let’s talk basketball.